Visit Scotland (corporate site)

UI design, information architecture, content strategy.

This is a work in progress
I'm currently working on completing this case study and should be available soon.


The Scottish Government used to have two branches of Tourism & Events: 

  • The Government service for coporate hospitality (Visit Scotland corporate site).
  • The Scottish Events website for Tourism & Hospitality (Events Scotland).

As part of its strategy for Tourism & Events, they wanted to merge the former into the latter.

We collaborated with the Digital Directorate to plan and execture the merge of the two sites:

  1. Optimising information architecture.
  2. Eliminating duplicated information.
  3. Improving the content strategy.

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Case study

↓ Case study coming soon.

Alex has a great understanding of user needs with a keen design sensibility. He has excellent attention to detail and produces high quality outputs.
Alex is not only technically proficient but also a great team player, making collaboration smooth and enjoyable. I highly recommend for anyone seeking a top UX designer.

UX Manager at VisitScotland

My role

- UI design
- Information architecture
- Content strategy.

The team

Gemma Stephen (Frontend Developer)
Michael Graham (SEO)
Sam Murphy (UX Manager)


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