I'm a UX Designer based in Kent, UK

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What is it like to work with me?

Collaboration and relationships for better work.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Alex on the mobile app project for Vanguard in Germany and the UK. His contribution was crucial in shaping the design system and vision for our European / UK markets. His work on Figma was exemplary; he created organized, well-documented, and visually stunning design files that significantly improved our UI appeal.
Beyond his technical skills, Alex was a central figure in our design meetings, always bringing in fresh ideas. His ability to align various team members toward a common goal was amazing, ensuring that our project moved forward smoothly. I highly recommend (and miss) working with Alex since he had a great impact on our design team.

Product Designer at DoorDash

Alex's UX prowess shines through in his meticulous attention to detail, transforming concepts into intuitive digital experiences.

Senior UI Developer at Visit Scotland

I worked with Alex right at the beginning of my career, a very capable UX designer who communicates both the simple and complex equally coherently to the client and his collegues. Alex also runs workshops very well and gets everyone involved which enables richer ideation, buy-in and contribution as everyone participates and owns the outcome.

Management Consultant at PA Consulting

Alex stands out as one of the most meticulous and thorough User Experience Designers I’ve met. His approach to each project is uniquely holistic, considering every aspect of the user's journey. He delves deep into understanding user behaviour and needs, analysing multiple scenarios and their potential impacts. This rigorous process leads Alex to craft interfaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but, more crucially, highly intuitive and user-friendly. His ability to foresee and address potential challenges before they arise is a testament to his expertise and commitment to creating seamless, engaging user experiences.

Software Engineer at JCR Creative Limited

Working with Alex is truly inspiring. His perfectionist and user-centric approach shines in every project, showcasing exceptional ability to seamlessly integrate functionality and aesthetics. As a UX designer, his holistic vision and unwavering commitment position him as a standout in our industry.

Senior Product Designer at GOAL Systems

Published book


I was honoured to co-author with Dr Corina Lacatus, from Queen Mary University, this great little manual on the design of research posters. It touches on design fundamentals, data visualisation, screen VS print, etc.

Published by Sage as part of the Super Quick Skills collection.

Link to publication:


A few years ago I wrote some musings on Design as a dicipline with the UX Collective.
Seeminlgy, they're still available in Medium.



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Where am I?

I'm based in: Rochester, Kent  d

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